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The Center for Genome Regulation is a Center of Excellence funded by the FONDAP Program of CONICYT, the Chilean National Agency for Science and Technology. Our Center aims to promote world class research in genomics, molecular biology and systems biology using state of the art tools and training. Our investigators belong to the three major Chilean research universities: the Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Andrés Bello.

The CGR is located in Santiago Chile and was founded in 2010. Its Director is Dr. Miguel L Allende and Deputy Director is Dr. Martín Montecino. Currently, we have 6 Principal and 5 Associate Investigators.

Our research is multidisciplinary and ranges from molecular mechanisms of gene regulation to evolution of adaptive traits in organisms inhabiting extreme environments. We are strongly focused on studying the genomes and gene expression responses of organisms present in the Northern Chilean Altiplano: the Atacama Desert. Here, animals, plants and microbes survive conditions of poor nutrient availability in soils, little precipitation, low oxygen and high UV irradiation. We have collected DNA and RNA from diverse organisms in this environment for whole genome sequencing and expression analysis.

The 1000 Genomes project was launched! in August 2018. Please see a video of the inaugural event here.  Also, visit the web page at (Web site in Spanish).

Plan Nacional de Genómica (video):

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COVID-19. The CGR is working to provide experimental resources to advance our knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sequencing genomes of viral isolates from Chile to better understand its epidemiology and the potential appearance of novel strains. Watch a short video.

The CGR is part of CEODOS, the consortium of centers of excellence that supports the TARA Oceans mission to Chile. Find out more at the CEODOS Website. Also, register for the official event here.